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Through Power BI dashboard, important information is being brought forward to you enabling insights to your business. With these, making decision smarter.

Informative reports created with ease

Transform your data through free-form drag-and-drop canvas. Power BI charts enables you to analyze and visualize data easily and accurately.

Monitor your business on the go

Deliver stunning interactive reports in your app (mobile/ tablets) with the Power BI Embedded service.

Connect to Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX & Dynamics NAV

Information integrates seamlessly to Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and NAV
PowerBI image EDITEDPowerBI image EDITED

We have extracted a standard demo database to create a simple analysis dashboard.

There are 6 different dashboard templates available for viewing such as the below:

-Sales & Profit Analysis
-Top Customers by Sales
-Top Customers by Profit
-Top Sales person by Sales
-Sales Analysis by Customer Posting Group (Type 1)
-Sales Analysis by Customer Posting Group (Type 2)

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Learn how to quickly get started using Power BI by updating some data, creating a report, pinning visuals to a dashboard and sharing that dashboard with others.