Payroll made easy

The highly popular Sage EasyPay system is a leading payroll and human resource management software with over 18,000 users across Singapore and the region. Winner of several industry awards, Sage EasyPay is reputed for its function-and-feature-rich solutions that offer employers the ease and flexibility of configuring salary models.

With over 30 years of experience under its belt, this progressive and innovative software has helped companies in Singapore comply and keep up to date with both existing and new regulations and statutory requirements such as the Personal Data Protection Act, Income Tax and Central Provident Fund (CPF) submissions.

Sage EasyPay consists of 6 major modules which are Payroll, Leave, Human Resource, Cost Centre, EasyTime and Employee Self-Service Module (ePortal).

Payroll Module


  • Advance Pay / Bonus Payment
  • Other Pay (Claims process)
  • Staff Loan
  • Payslip Generation
  • Bank Disk File (GIRO Salary Payment)
  • CPF Online Submission
  • Statutory Compliance (Update on CPF rates, tax rates)
  • Income Tax (IR8A, IR21)
  • System automatically keeps up-to-date with statutory requirements.
  • Pay elements are easily automated by a group or individual.
  • Leave Module


  • Set up unlimited leave polices (Management, Executives)
  • Flexible Leave Allocation (Earn Leave every month)
  • Entitlement can be track either by Anniversary or Hire Date
  • Credit Leave with expiry date (Off-in-lieu)
  • Childcare Leave / Maternity Leave
  • Brought Forward Leave
  • Option for leave entitlement to be based on Calendar (Calendar Year / Fiscal Year) or Anniversary (Hire Date / Confirmation Date) method.
  • Allows different leave policies with unlimited leave types to be assigned to an individual or a group.
  • Ideal for companies with different work time profiles and shifts.
  • Human Resource Module


    ♢ Medical claim policies to be assigned to individuals or groups at different transaction and period limits
    ♢ Record of medical claim balance, capping limits and past records
    ♢ Customizable appraisal forms and grading systems where bonus and incentives are linked to Payroll Module
    ♢ Employee training details such as course fees, subsidies, grants and certificates

    Medical Component
  • Medical Claim - Administration of medical benefits for various types of entitlements based on employee group or level
  • Medical Examination - Manage employee’s medical examination results, fees and other reimbursements
  • Medical History - Manage records of employee’s current and previous medical condition and treatment

    Training Component - Manage each employee’s training history, training courses and costs

    Appraisal Component - Manage each employee’s performance appraisal. Appraisal forms are customizable using the Form Designer feature
  • Reduces manual workload of administrative duties yet gives you visibility on your workforce
  • Cost Centre Module


  • Mapping of pay items from the Payroll Module to the General Ledger (GL) account.
  • Specific cost and accrual items (bonus & incentives) definitions within a cost centre.
  • Integration of payroll cost with Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.
  • Setting of formula-based accrual methods.
  • Ability to pro-rate the cost of employees who move among various cost centres accordingly.
  • Effective and easy-to-use.
  • Better visibility on the distribution of labour costs.
  • Configure accrual formula for pay items with ease.
  • EasyTime Module


  • Various forms of overtime computation for supervisor approval (Normal, Flat rate, Rounding etc).
  • Allowance rates tally to different employees.
  • Schedules and assignment of working hours by group with various scheduling patterns.
  • Minimize human errors from manual time keeping routines.
  • Consolidated overview allows you to optimize scheduling for everyday and project driven tasks.
  • Employee Self-Service Module (ePortal)


  • Check up to date leave entitlement status
  • Apply eLeave / eClaims
  • Check payslip / tax form online
  • Update of personal data (Change address, marital status, new child’s information)
  • HR Information (Able to download Company policies, insurance forms)
  • Calendar view of who is on leave
  • Eliminates manual data entry.
  • Reduces human error.
  • Enforces leave and claim policies.
  • View monthly payslips electronically
  • Download up-to-date company handbook