Go-Ahead Singapore: Customer-centric digital transformation to become the urban transport provider of the future

Go-Ahead Singapore is a leading local public transport provider and a subsidiary of the Go-Ahead Group, a UK transport operator. With a mission to create a world where every journey is taken cared of for everyone every time, Go-Ahead Singapore currently operates 28 services and are based at Loyang Bus Depot, serving the Punggol Bus Interchange and the Pasir Ris Bus Interchange.

Prior to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Go-Ahead Singapore stored its data across various systems. However, as the company continued to expand to meet the growing demand for its services, there was a need for a new system that can work in synergy with the current systems, including the Common Fleet Management System (CFMS) and the Duty Allocation System (DAS), to improve its operational efficiency.

Since deploying Dynamics 365, Go-Ahead Singapore’s management team could easily gather information on bus captains’ performances and analyse it with ease, enabling them to identify areas of improvement that they can work on in future training sessions to plug performance gaps, and equip their bus captains with the necessary skills to excel in their roles in the future.

The system has also helped to improve the accuracy of the cash collection process for Go-Ahead Singapore. Today, the finance team can better keep track of the cash boxes on board their bus fleet, which are marked individually and linked specifically to each bus, to reduce the possibility of accounting mismatch and financial loss for the company as it continues to grow on the road ahead.

As for their customer service teams, the use of Dynamics 365 has helped to streamline the workflow and improve operational efficiency. “Microsoft Dynamics 365 is user-friendly and has a great overall experience. Three elements which I particularly appreciate are the ease of accessing commuter feedback, improved efficiency and a clean interface that does not overload a user with information,” said Tay Yu Ying, Customer Service Officer, Go-Ahead Singapore.

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